When I was watching user's sign-up during our user studies I started to see a pattern emerge  I realised that user's were coming to a dead end when they tried to send an IceBreaker. IceBreakers are a way for our users to introduce themselves to a selection of people for free. As a way to encourage user to upload a photo and add a little bit about themselves we ask users to do these things before sending an Icebreaker, but what was happening was – they were uploading a photo and filling out their profile, but now they were having to wait for it to be moderated. When I began to analyse the user interaction I started to find more and more dead ends. They're were 9 points users could change their mind if they wanted to. I was shocked I'd not realised this before.


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Interaction Designer, User Experience Consultant



This diagram demonstrates the severity of the user flow, highlighting that there are 9 points in which the user could change their mind.

By removing some steps and consolidating them into as few a steps as possible we were able to reduce the number of points the user has to change their mind to only 3 points.